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What does the Test Plan Availability message mean?



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    There are two reasons why you might be getting the Test Plan Availability message, which are:

    Your Test Plan is invalid. Check the dates of the Test Plan.

    To check the dates of the Test Plan, you will need to open Obzervr Manager. 

    1. Navigate to the Laboratories menu.
    2. Click on the Actions drop down menu for the Laboratory and select Test Plan from the list of options.
    3. The Test Plan page will open. Click on the edit pencil icon for the Test Plan.
    4. The Edit Test Plan pop up will open. On this pop up, check that the Validity dates are correct.

    You might find that the Validity To date has been surpassed. You will need to change this date so that the Test Plan is valid. 

    The Test Plan is not added to the User's Team.

    For a User in a Team to access any Test Plans, they need to have the Test Plans defined on the Team. Otherwise, they will not be able to access any Test Plans will a get the "Test Plan Availability" error message on Obzervr Capture.

    To add a Test Plan to a Team, open Obzervr Manager and navigate to the Teams page. Open the relevant Team and in the Test Plan field, add the Test Plan for the sampler. Click Save.

    The User will need to synchronize to remove the Test Plan Availability error message and enter samples. 

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